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About Us:

The France Berkeley Fund was established in 1993 as a partnership between the government of France and the University of California at Berkeley, the France-Berkeley Fund (FBF) promotes scholarly exchange in all disciplines between UC Berkeley and all research centers and public institutions of higher education in France. Through its annual grant competition, the Fund provides seed-money for innovative, bi-national collaborative research. Successful projects bring together senior and junior researchers in a variety of ways, from workshops and conferences to exchanges of researchers in laboratories. 

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Le Fonds France-Berkeley a été créé en 1993 par le Ministère des Affaires Etrangères français et l'Université de Californie à Berkeley afin de favoriser les échanges et les collaborations scientifiques et universitaires entre l'université de Berkeley et les instituts de recherche et d'enseignement supérieur français. Les candidatures sont acceptées dans tous les domaines- Lettres, Sciences Sociales, Sciences Exactes, Sciences Appliquées ou Sciences de l'Ingénieur.



We have much appreciated the opportunity to us to support our collaboration at an early stage using a light scheme and we believe that the work accomplished here would not have been possible through remote collaborations only. The two PhD students particularly benefited from the opportunity to spend time at a different institution, abroad, and advised by a faculty with different expertise.

Jean Walrand,Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley
 Patrick Loiseau, Réseaux et sécurité, EURECOM Campus SophiaTech

2014 Grantees

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The work has been collaborative including the exchange of students and visits by post docs and senior personnel. The experimental activity has been substantial here in Berkeley. Much of the modeling and theory activity is in France. So it has been a benefit to both sides to have visits. This has lead to papers and ideas about how to run the observations that are expected to begin this winter.

George F. Smoot, Physics Départment, University of California Berkeley, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory- 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics
James G. Bartlett, Département de Physique, Université de Paris 7 Diderot, Paris

2005 and 2008 Grantees

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The  France-Berkeley fund is of significant importance to start new collaboration between young scholars at an early stage of their career. The source of funding being limited for young researchers, the France Berkeley Fund is a great opportunity to exchange students between our two countries participating not only in advances in science and technology but also to participate in a cultural exchange helping graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to finalize their career projects. Our both groups really appreciate the opportunity given by the France Berkeley Fund.

Piedong Yang,  Department of Chemistry, University of California Berkeley 
François Lagugne-Labarthet, Institut des Sciences Moléculaire , Université de Bordeaux 1- CNRS, Bordeaux

2004 Grantees

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We realize that this project was not the usual project funded by the France-Berkeley fund. We are all the more grateful to have been enabled to get this thing started. It has strengthened the ties between the U.S and Europe with regard to language teaching and learning an area that is usually dealt with rather parochially on both sides of the Atlantic. At a time when the geopolitical situation in the U.S is focused exclusively on the linguistic needs of national security and in Europe on the forging of a multilingual Europe, the funds provided by the FBF have permitted a fruitful dialogue between American and European foreign language educators. It has shown in particular how different our research methods and forms of inquiry are, and how beneficial such a confrontation is for cross-cultural research. The FBF funds were money very well spent, indeed.

Claire Kramsch, German Department, UC Berkeley
Geneviève ZarateInstitut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales

2003 Grantees