FBF Spotlight

Welcome to the FBF Spotlight, highlighting successful France-Berkeley collaborations.

The Global Hands-On Universe

The Global Hands-On Universe has been delivering interactive astronomy lessons to classrooms around the world since it began as an FBF collaboration nearly twenty years ago. Carl Pennypacker shares how his team harnesses the power of the imagination to help students find the scientists in themselves.

The "Decentered Disciplines" project team

A key priority of the France-Berkeley Fund is to support the involvement of early-career scholars in international collaborations. While past Spotlights have primarily featured faculty grantees, in this edition we highlight the graduate students and postdocs who played an integral part in a recent project.


Participants in the Berkeley "French in Comparison" workshop

What can learners of French discover from different time periods, geographic varieties, and codes of the language? FBF 2017 grantees Mairi McLaughlin and Benjamin Fagard have created an online tool to test these questions in the language classroom. We sat down with McLaughlin to learn more about their project, “French in Comparison: The Comparative Approach from Historical Linguistics and Language Pedagogy.”

Ambassador Philippe Étienne (photo by Thomas Lee, College of Engineering)

On his first official visit to the Berkeley campus, French Ambassador Philippe Étienne calls for a "collective and stirring conversation" to address global challenges.

Ethan Elkind (left) and Yannick Perez

How do city dwellers use electric vehicles in France and California, and what can the two regions learn from each other? Collaborators Ethan Elkind (Berkeley Law) and Yannick Perez (CentraleSupélec, Université Paris-Saclay) tackled these questions with dozens of participants at their FBF-funded international conference in June 2019. We sat down with Elkind to learn more about the project and the policy ideas it has generated.

SHRIMP project collaborators

This month's Spotlight features 2016 grantee Stephen Glaser (Berkeley Engineering), who developed the “SHRIMP: Smart Harbor Implementation” project with Thomas Watteyne (INRIA, Paris) to help marinas monitor boat traffic using smart wireless sensors.

Richard Koci Hernandez

Welcome to the FBF Grantee Spotlight, our new series showcasing successful France-Berkeley collaborations. Our first conversation features Berkeley School of Journalism professor Richard Koci Hernandez, who revisits his 2016 “Digital Storytelling Workshop” project with Valérie Jeanne-Perrier (CELSA, Sorbonne Université).