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Virginia Woolf

Organized by FBF '19 grantees Elizabeth Abel and Claire Davison, this colloquium explores the resonance of Virginia Woolf's work across linguistic, historical, and geographic boundaries while probing connections between the medium of radio and modernist aesthetics.

Shapreau book cover

Carla Shapreau and Christine Laloue (FBF '17) share their research on the violin trade in Paris during the pre-war and World War II eras, in a new book out this month. Their FBF-funded project sheds new light on the international commerce of musical instruments under the Nazi regime, joining archival studies from the Musée de la Musique and the Smithsonian Institution Collections.

NAS Winners Heald-Banks-Raulet

We congratulate Martin Banks (FBF '14 and '06), Rebecca Heald (FBF '18 and '06), and David Raulet (FBF '03 and '00) for being elected to the prestigious National Academy of Sciences. Our former grantees join five other Berkeley faculty as newly elected members in recognition of their distinguished and continuing research achievements.

Taira JSPS Bridge Award

The 2018 Bridge Award, from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), recognizes researchers from Japan working at U.S. institutions who are actively promoting internationalization within the broader research community while mentoring the next generation of Japanese researchers.

Points of Transition publication cover

Traditional sites of ritual and political action, the ovoo of contemporary Inner Asia are structures where private and public practices converge. FBF '18 grantees Jacob Dalton (South & Southeast Asian Studies, UC Berkeley) and Isabelle Charleux (CNRS, Paris) convened a team of scholars from the U.S., Europe, and Asia for an interdisciplinary conference exploring these complex spaces.

Morris Mark Twain Prize

2016 grantees Linda Morris (UC Davis) and Roland Jenn (Université de Lille) won a Best Documentary prize at the 1st Anstia Festival for their film Mark Twain et Jeanne d’Arc. L’histoire d’une passion. Up to 60 films competed for awards in 3 different categories. The judges praised how the documentary made its research topic accessible to a broad audience, highlighting the successful international scholarly collaboration.

Text from the Hebrew Bible

The age of the Hebrew Bible has long been a controversial topic. In this comprehensive new study, FBF alumni Ronald Hendel and Jan Joosten make a crucial intervention in this debate, using historical linguistics as the key to dating biblical texts.

Colossal Galaxy Structure

FBF 2017 grantees Lori Lubin (UC Davis) and Olivier Le Fèvre (Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille, CNRS, CNES) led the international team of astronomers who identified the largest galaxy proto-supercluster to be found in the early Universe. Known as "Hyperion," the massive structure was located using the VIMOS Ultra-Deep Survey tool of the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope, through complex data analysis techniques developed at UC Davis.

Molecular Diagram

What can magnetism do for 2D materials science? Lots, suggest FBF '07 grantees Jeffrey Long (Chemistry, UC Berkeley) and Rodolphe Clérac (Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal, Université de Bordeaux), showing how magnetic interactions in metal-organic structures can be applied to design novel 2D materials and porous 3D frameworks. Check out their results in the Nature Research Chemistry Community blog, and in the Nature Chemistry journal.

Students studying in a classroom

2017 grantees Ian Duncan and Nathalie Vanfasse have launched a blog to showcase the findings of their FBF-funded project, "Form Across Literature and the Sciences in Victorian Britain." Featuring the full program of their May 2018 workshop, the site focuses on English and Anglophone studies and includes book reviews, works-in-progress, pre-circulated papers, and other resources. The blog has been officially acknowledged with an ISSN number by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

Khalid M. Mosalam

France-Berkeley Fund grantee Khalid Mosalam welcomed 14 French delegates to the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) headquarters in February. Mosalam (Taisei Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of PEER) presented the Center's research activites on global seismic risk, and emphasized his work with French collaborator Marc Rébillat on their FBF-sponsored project, "Open-Hardware Platform for Structural Health Monitoring" (2016).

Nicolas Benvegnu, Thomas Tari, and Saul Perlmutter

FBF 2017 grantee and Nobel Laureate Saul Perlmutter launched a collaborative project with the Forccast Program at Sciences Po. Perlmutter's FBF-funded project with Bruno Latour ("Mapping controversies and conspiracies: Exploring conceptual boundaries and pedagogical practices") aims to develop research and teaching collaborations with the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS), around issues of controversies and conspiracies in the digital world.

Science Advances book cover

Does tapping into the natural “heat of the Earth” via geothermal energy lead to earthquakes? A study by FBF grantees Taka'aki Taira (UCB Seismological Laboratory) and Florent Brenguier (Université Joseph Fourier) provides new insight. 

Researchers on the harbor

Researchers from UC Berkeley and Inria-Paris deploy sensors and advanced software to monitor mooring occupancy and electricity and water consumption at a pilot location, Cap d'Agde, on the Mediterranean coast of Southwest France.

John Searle

On Monday, April 20, 2014 FBF grantee John Searle was a guest on KQED radio to discuss his new book, "Seeing Things As They Are". Searle met with host Michael Krasny to talk about why Western philosophy is all wrong about how we experience reality.