For Grantees


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Receiving and managing your funds

The entire amount of each grant will be transferred to a University of California-based research account for the UC grantee and his or her department to manage directly. Once disbursed, funds are to be administered by the UC collaborator’s home department in accordance with the budget that was submitted with the project proposal.


Allowable expenses

FBF grants may be used exclusively for expenses specific to the proposed collaboration. Moreover, awards should be used to support the generation of research rather than its dissemination. The grant may be used to cover project-related travel, lodging, and short-term living expenses. The grant may NOT be used for purchasing supplies or equipment, conference registration fees, salaries or stipends, or publishing and translation fees. Visit our FAQ page for complete details.


Grant reporting

All France-Berkeley Fund grantees are required to submit interim and final reports describing progress and/or status of project outcomes, including how funds were spent to date. Grantee updates are published in the France-Berkeley Fund's Annual Report.

Grantees may download report templates below:

Final Reports - due by December 15 or upon completion of project (whichever comes first): .docx or PDF

Interim Reports - due by May 31 or within 6 months of the project’s start date (whichever comes first): .docx or PDF

Please be aware in preparing reports that your submissions will be read by a committee of academic and scientific peers, as well as the general public. Feel free to add extra pages if necessary. Please submit reports and any supplementary materials (photos, press releases, web links, etc.) to We are very grateful for early submissions to assist our office with report processing.



Grantees are expected to acknowledge the support of the France-Berkeley Fund in any publications, conferences, or other media resulting from the collaboration. Where possible, please include our program logo and an active link to our website.


Keeping in touch

We want to hear from you! Send any project-related updates, photos, posters, press coverage, or other supplementary materials to We’ll be glad to feature your announcements and images online and in our annual report.


Questions? Email us at