Biogeophysics for Climate Resilient Viticulture

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The France-Berkeley Fund will provide the catalyst to establish a multi-institutional collaboration on a frontier topic that is of great interest to Berkeley and France but that requires multidisciplinary scientific expertise to accelerate. The proposed project brings together 7 established scientists from 5 Berkeley/Bordeaux institutions (Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley, Bordeaux INP, Bordeaux Science Agro, INRAE French National Institute of Agriculture), each having world-recognized expertise in environmental geophysics, soil-plant microbial ecology, soil physics, or viticulture. Through harnessing their collective expertise, and connecting and leveraging on their existing, synergistic projects, the proposed effort intends to launch a new, integrative subdiscipline of biogeophysics for climate-resilient viticulture and to develop and mentor 2 early-career scientists  (one from Berkeley and one from Bordeaux) on a path in leading this new subdiscipline.

Susan Hubbard
Susan Hubbard
Earth & Environmental Sciences Area, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
France PI
Myriam Schmutz
Myriam Schmutz
Géoressources et Environnement, Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux