Tracer-informed critical zone modelling to connect water ages with hydrological resources and solute exports

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The project aims to reveal how water, and the chemical compounds it contains, are stored and released in the mountainous region of the Upper Colorado River. We will use the extensive sets of field observations collected for several years by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the East River headwaters, in a novel combination with state-of-the-art numerical simulations of the processes through which water, plants and underground chemistry interact in these landscapes. In addition to advancing our knowledge on water resources, the proposed data-model integration will serve as an example of communication between national networks of watershed observatories, between field hydrologists and modelers, and will motivate science- and networking-oriented discussions for early-career scientists in a conference workshop we will lead in 2022.

Matthias Sprenger
Matthias Sprenger
Earth & Environmental Sciences Area, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
France PI
Sylvain Kuppel
Sylvain Kuppel
IRD / Géosciences Environnement Toulouse