Translation of Poetry: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

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In recent years scholars of the humanities and social sciences have become increasingly interested in the process of translation. Long thought a “step child” of humanistic study—something humanists did in the margins of their other work—it has now become clear that both the practice and the theory of translation are central to the role of the humanities as we move into an increasingly multi-cultural global culture, and as new technologies reshape how we use language. This project involves organizing a workshop to study the intersection of literary form and history--manifested in poetry--with the disciplines of linguistics and translation studies. The PIs of this proposal will collaborate on panels and discussions about the linguistic, literary, philosophical, and cultural problems involved in the translation of poetry, and on translation as a conceptual node in the re-imagination of the humanities.

Timothy Hampton
Timothy Hampton
Department of Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley
France PI
Daniel Henkel
Université Paris 8 - Vincennes - Saint-Denis