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France-Berkeley Fund grantee Khalid Mosalam welcomed 14 French delegates to the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) headquarters in February. Mosalam (Taisei Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of PEER) presented the Center's research activites on global seismic risk, and emphasized his work with French collaborator Marc Rébillat on their FBF-sponsored project, "Open-Hardware Platform for Structural Health Monitoring" (2016).


Last fall, FBF 2017 grantee and Nobel Laureate Saul Perlmutter visited Sciences Po to launch a collaborative project with the Forccast Program. Perlmutter's FBF-funded project with Bruno Latour ("Mapping controversies and conspiracies: Exploring conceptual boundaries and pedagogical practices") aims to develop research and teaching collaborations between Sciences Po’s Medialab and the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS),  around the questions of controversies and conspiracies in the digital world.

Does tapping into the natural “heat of the Earth” via geothermal energy lead to earthquakes? A study by FBF grantees Taka'aki Taira (UCB Seismological Laboratory) and Florent Brenguier (Université Joseph Fourier) provides new insight.