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Supporting innovative faculty research collaborations in all fields between the University of California, Berkeley and institutions across France.

Organized by FBF '19 grantees Elizabeth Abel and Claire Davison, this colloquium explores the resonance of Virginia Woolf's work across linguistic, historical, and geographic boundaries while probing connections between the medium of radio and modernist aesthetics.

Carla Shapreau and Christine Laloue (FBF '17) share their research on the violin trade in Paris during the pre-war and World War II eras, in a new book out this month. Their FBF-funded project sheds new light on the international commerce of musical instruments under the Nazi regime, joining archival studies from the Musée de la Musique and the Smithsonian Institution Collections.

We congratulate Martin Banks (FBF '14 and '06), Rebecca Heald (FBF '18 and '06), and David Raulet (FBF '03 and '00) for being elected to the prestigious National Academy of Sciences. Our former grantees join five other Berkeley faculty as newly elected members in recognition of their distinguished and continuing research achievements.