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Traditional sites of ritual and political action, the ovoo of contemporary Inner Asia are structures where private and public practices converge. FBF '18 grantees Jacob Dalton (South & Southeast Asian Studies, UC Berkeley) and Isabelle Charleux (CNRS, Paris) have convened a team of scholars from the US, Europe, and Asia for an interdisciplinary conference exploring these complex spaces.


FBF 2016 grantees Linda Morris (UC Davis) and Roland Jenn (Université de Lille) won a Best Documentary prize at the 1st Anstia Festival for their film Mark Twain et Jeanne d’Arc. L’histoire d’une passion. Up to 60 films competed for awards in 3 different categories (educational, communicational, documentary). The judges praised how the documentary made its research topic accessible to a broad audience, highlighting the successful international scholarly collaboration. Congratulations!

The age of the Hebrew Bible has long been a controversial topic. In this comprehensive new study, FBF alumni Ronald Hendel and Jan Joosten make a crucial intervention in this debate, using historical linguistics as the key to dating biblical texts.