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Multimodal Investigation of Dynamic Interfaces (MIDI): case study on 2D/3D halide perovskites Carolin Sutter-Fella; Philip Schulz 2022 Funded Project
Structural forces and nanolubrication in Polymerized Ionic Liquids Joelle Frechette; Frederic Restagno 2022 Funded Project
Machine learning-based design of shape-morphing structures for bedsore prevention Grace Gu; Jose Bico 2022 Funded Project
Harnessing natural variation in reproductive plasticity to drought in sunflower Benjamin Blackman; Nicolas Langlade 2022 Funded Project
The Metabolic Interface of a Globally Important Plant Disease Tiffany Lowe-Power; Caroline Baroukh 2022 Funded Project
Characterizing Molecular & Structural Determinants of Cytoskeletal Homeostasis Eva Nogales; Carsten Janke 2022 Funded Project
Plasma Photonics for Extreme Optics Jonathan Wurtele; Caterina Riconda 2022 Funded Project
Transnational Archiving of Sexualities: Engaging Plural Pasts Paola Bacchetta; Sandeep Bakshi 2022 Funded Project
Mapping Renaissance Musical Networks: The Case of Josquin des Prez (1450–1521) Emily Zazulia; Philippe Vendrix 2022 Funded Project
Foreign reserve holdings and the evolution of global currencies Barry Eichengreen; Eric Monnet 2022 Funded Project