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Biosolubilization of phosphate minerals John Coates; Karim Benzerara 2022 Funded Project
Evolution of Gustatory Preferences in Herbivorous Insects Noah Whiteman; Frédéric Marion-Poll 2020 Funded Project
Understanding energy storage in highly concentrated aqueous salt mixtures David Limmer; Benjamin Rotenberg 2018 Funded Project
Foreign reserve holdings and the evolution of global currencies Barry Eichengreen; Eric Monnet 2022 Funded Project
Development and Application of Advanced Seismic Imaging Techniques for Key Target Structures in the Deep Earth Barbara Romanowicz; Hélène Barucq 2019 Funded Project
Mapping coastal intertidal ecosystem primary production: coupling remote sensing and atmospheric eddy covariance Dennis Baldocchi; Vona Méléder 2021 Funded Project
Langlands duality and spectra of quantum integrable systems Edward Frenkel; David Hernandez 2020 Funded Project
Engineering a pathogen-resistant seed microbiome Adam Arkin; Matthieu Barret 2018 Funded Project
Artificial Intelligence and Cold Plasma for Real-time Detection of Skin Tumors Ali Mesbah; Augusto Stancampiano 2022 Funded Project
The effect of culture on individual perceptual mechanisms David Whitney; Mark Wexler 2020 Funded Project