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Title Author Year Publication typesort descending
The impact of the pregnancy exposome on birth outcomes Brenda Eskenazi; Rémy Slama 2019 Funded Project
Statistical relational artificial intelligence for assisted orchestration Carmine Emanuele Cella; Hélène-Camille Crayencour 2021 Funded Project
Evaluating Current Theories of Word Learning Mahesh Srinivasan; Isabelle Dautriche 2022 Funded Project
Advanced Potential Energy Surfaces for Condensed Phase Simulations: Theory and Applications Teresa Head-Gordon; Jean-Philip Piquemal 2018 Funded Project
Documentation and Knowledge Infrastructure: The Case of Robert Pagès Michael Buckland; Olivier Le Deuff 2021 Funded Project
The Evolution of Specificity in Parallel Pathways of Signaling in Animal Cells John Kuriyan; Jacqueline Cherfils 2020 Funded Project
New Directions in Himalayan Studies Alexander Von Rospatt; Stéphane Gros 2018 Funded Project
The Metabolic Interface of a Globally Important Plant Disease Tiffany Lowe-Power; Caroline Baroukh 2022 Funded Project
Evolutions of personal networks across time: A comparison between France and the USA Claude Fischer; Guillaume Favre 2019 Funded Project
Understanding Wildfires Peter Bosselmann; Catherine Rannou; Marc Dilet 2021 Funded Project