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Titlesort descending Author Year Publication type
A Multifaceted Rococo Michael Yonan; Marlen Schneider 2022 Funded Project
A system biology approach to understand the health benefits of polyphenols Patricia Oteiza; Dragan Milenkovic 2020 Funded Project
Advanced Potential Energy Surfaces for Condensed Phase Simulations: Theory and Applications Teresa Head-Gordon; Jean-Philip Piquemal 2018 Funded Project
Algebraic language and the algorithm: Art of thinking, thinking machines, and machines' thinking Massimo Mazzotti; Giovanna Cifoletti 2019 Funded Project
Analysis of the impacts of information-based routing on city congestion and optimal remediations Alexandre Bayen; Eric Goubault 2020 Funded Project
Are Election Campaigns Good for Democracy? An Assessment of the 2022 French Presidential Election Gabriel Lenz; Romain Lachat 2021 Funded Project
Artificial Intelligence and Cold Plasma for Real-time Detection of Skin Tumors Ali Mesbah; Augusto Stancampiano 2022 Funded Project
Artificial Intelligence approach for Aerosol Indoor propagation using micro-lidar measurements Evan Variano; Romain Ceolato 2022 Funded Project
Attosecond dynamics in topological insulators Stephen Leone; Marino Marsi 2018 Funded Project
Biogeophysics for Climate Resilient Viticulture Susan Hubbard; Myriam Schmutz 2021 Funded Project