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Title Author Yearsort descending Publication type
Enhancing the Medicinal Activity of Piperidine Derivatives by Late-Stage Derivatization Richmond Sarpong; Virginie Vidal 2019 Funded Project
Sound Waves: Virginia Woolf's Resonance Elizabeth Abel; Claire Davison 2019 Funded Project
Optimally mapping the dark matter in the universe with the CMB Uros Seljak; Benjamin Wandelt 2019 Funded Project
Mechanism of Homology Search during Genetic Recombination Wolf-Dietrich Heyer; Aurèle Piazza 2020 Funded Project
The function and historical evolution of augments in the Bantu languages Peter Jenks; Mark Van de Velde 2020 Funded Project
The Evolution of Specificity in Parallel Pathways of Signaling in Animal Cells John Kuriyan; Jacqueline Cherfils 2020 Funded Project
Unconventional steroid signaling in the choroid plexus: implication in traumatic brain injury Polina Lishko; Dmitra Gkika 2020 Funded Project
The Legalization of Organizational Life in France and the United States: Tensions between Individual Rights and the Collective Good Calvin Morrill; Jérome Pélisse 2020 Funded Project
Analysis of the impacts of information-based routing on city congestion and optimal remediations Alexandre Bayen; Eric Goubault 2020 Funded Project
A system biology approach to understand the health benefits of polyphenols Patricia Oteiza; Dragan Milenkovic 2020 Funded Project