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Examining the history and impact of gene content variation in sunflower Benjamin Blackman; Hélène Bergès 2018 Funded Project
Experimental and mathematical models articulation: a bifocal lens to study the ecology of the colon microbiota Andreas Bäumler; Simon Labarthe 2019 Funded Project
Exploring Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction to Fuels with Small Molecular Iron Clusters Louise Berben; Marc Robert 2018 Funded Project
Foreign reserve holdings and the evolution of global currencies Barry Eichengreen; Eric Monnet 2022 Funded Project
From epic wildfires to epic flash-floods: Rethinking flood risk management in an era of extremes Anna Serra-Llobet; Johnny Douvinet 2019 Funded Project
Genetic, genomic, and functional evolution of genes encoding viral-interacting proteins in great apes Peter Sudmant; Lucie Etienne 2021 Funded Project
Genomic evaluation including intermediate omics data Hao Cheng; Andres Legarra 2022 Funded Project
Geographic variations in the length of life: Comparing France and the United States Magali Barbieri; Hippolyte D'Albis 2019 Funded Project
Harnessing natural variation in reproductive plasticity to drought in sunflower Benjamin Blackman; Nicolas Langlade 2022 Funded Project
High Temperature Molten Salt Studies Raluca Scarlat; Sylvie Delpech 2021 Funded Project