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Titlesort descending Author Year Publication type
Drug repurposing to combat a global bacterial zoonosis Renée Tsolis; Anne Keriel 2021 Funded Project
Effects of aging on the immune system and risk of infectious diseases Danica Chen; Mélanie Hamon 2018 Funded Project
Electric Vehicle Deployment for Urban Residents: Policy and Lessons Learned between France and California Daniel Farber; Yannick Perez 2018 Funded Project
Engineering a pathogen-resistant seed microbiome Adam Arkin; Matthieu Barret 2018 Funded Project
Enhancing the Medicinal Activity of Piperidine Derivatives by Late-Stage Derivatization Richmond Sarpong; Virginie Vidal 2019 Funded Project
Evaluating Current Theories of Word Learning Mahesh Srinivasan; Isabelle Dautriche 2022 Funded Project
Everyday writing in a literary town: Some rediscovered tablets from late antique Panopolis Todd Hickey; Jean-Luc Fournet 2018 Funded Project
Evolution of Gustatory Preferences in Herbivorous Insects Noah Whiteman; Frédéric Marion-Poll 2020 Funded Project
Evolutions of personal networks across time: A comparison between France and the USA Claude Fischer; Guillaume Favre 2019 Funded Project
Examining Nutritional Therapies in Medical Education Kristine Madsen; Solenn Thircuir 2021 Funded Project