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Title Author Year Publication type
Evaluating Current Theories of Word Learning Mahesh Srinivasan; Isabelle Dautriche 2022 Funded Project
The Metabolic Interface of a Globally Important Plant Disease Tiffany Lowe-Power; Caroline Baroukh 2022 Funded Project
Artificial Intelligence approach for Aerosol Indoor propagation using micro-lidar measurements Evan Variano; Romain Ceolato 2022 Funded Project
Characterizing Molecular & Structural Determinants of Cytoskeletal Homeostasis Eva Nogales; Carsten Janke 2022 Funded Project
Quantum Coherence in Molecular Heavy Element Clock Qubits Stefan Minasian; Grégory Nocton 2022 Funded Project
Plasma Photonics for Extreme Optics Jonathan Wurtele; Caterina Riconda 2022 Funded Project
Transnational Archiving of Sexualities: Engaging Plural Pasts Paola Bacchetta; Sandeep Bakshi 2022 Funded Project
Genomic evaluation including intermediate omics data Hao Cheng; Andres Legarra 2022 Funded Project
Mapping Renaissance Musical Networks: The Case of Josquin des Prez (1450–1521) Emily Zazulia; Philippe Vendrix 2022 Funded Project
Biosolubilization of phosphate minerals John Coates; Karim Benzerara 2022 Funded Project