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Title Author Year Publication type
Documentation and Knowledge Infrastructure: The Case of Robert Pagès Michael Buckland; Olivier Le Deuff 2021 Funded Project
Understanding Wildfires Peter Bosselmann; Catherine Rannou; Marc Dilet 2021 Funded Project
Examining Nutritional Therapies in Medical Education Kristine Madsen; Solenn Thircuir 2021 Funded Project
Drug repurposing to combat a global bacterial zoonosis Renée Tsolis; Anne Keriel 2021 Funded Project
Counter-hegemonic narratives in European metropolis: heritage, identities, space Stephen Small; Linda Boukhris 2021 Funded Project
High Temperature Molten Salt Studies Raluca Scarlat; Sylvie Delpech 2021 Funded Project
How can mentorship boost aspiring women entrepreneurs? Solène Delecourt; Anne Boring 2021 Funded Project
Tracer-informed critical zone modelling to connect water ages with hydrological resources and solute exports Matthias Sprenger; Sylvain Kuppel 2021 Funded Project
Investigating the diversity and distribution of fungal viruses in soil Joanne Emerson; Christina Hazard 2021 Funded Project
Mapping coastal intertidal ecosystem primary production: coupling remote sensing and atmospheric eddy covariance Dennis Baldocchi; Vona Méléder 2021 Funded Project